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Shelter Programs

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New Hope

Tiny Home Village

New Hope is a Tiny Home community hosted on the property of the First Christian Church (FCC) and has been open since 2018. It contains six units, with access to bathrooms, showers, and laundry services. OlyMAP began providing support and oversight to New Hope in 2022, including case management services. Our residents take part in weekly community meetings to discuss concerns, changes, or share updates about the living space. Over five households have moved from New Hope into permanent housing since the program began, and New Hope continues to be a stable environment for those who are transitioning out of homelessness and into permanent housing.

Franz Anderson

Tiny Home Village

The Franz Anderson Tiny Home Village is OlyMAP’s newest program, which officially opened its doors to residents in September 2023. Contracted through the City of Olympia, this 50-unit space has 24/7 support from OlyMAP staff, and residents are free to utilize the on-site amenities, including case management, on-site bathrooms, showers, community space, kitchen supplies, and on-site laundry services.  Most residents currently at Franz Anderson were placed through the Rights of Way (RoW) Initiative.  We are currently in the process of website development for Franz Anderson, so if you have any additional information or questions about Franz Anderson, feel free to contact us!

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Stability Stays

Hotel Program
Program Frozen- Not Accepting New Participants

Stability Stays provides temporary hotel stays, ranging from 72 hours to 6 weeks, for individuals and households experiencing unsheltered homelessness in Thurston County who meet program entry requirements. To be considered for the Stability Stays program someone must: Currently be a resident of Thurston County Be over the age of 18 (and be able to verify) Has an acute, serious, but non-life-threatening sickness or wound that does not require professional medical care/medical assistance from OlyMAP and/or hotel staff, but that requires shelter and sanitary conditions to heal and/or recover OR If an applicant has a specific, confirmed date for a treatment bed, shelter, or housing but needs a place to temporarily stay while they await the transition, and the wait time is 8 weeks (about 2 months) or less. OlyMAP case management and site support services are available for all people accessing the Stability Stays program. The intention of these services is to support program guests in meeting the goals they wish to obtain during their stay, get connected to resources, meet basic needs, and problem-solve around challenges that may arise. Depending on capacity and funding, the program can only support 3-6 households at a time, so rooms are not always available even for people who qualify. For more information related to the stability stays program or to apply for the program either for yourself or on behalf of someone else, contact us here. NOTE: This program is currently frozen and not accepting new participants.

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